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Equine veterinarians are large animal vets that provide medical and dental care for horses. An equine vet will examine, test and on occasion will need to operate on or (unfortunately) euthanize an animal. Traveling to farms and ranches is often required and equine veterinarians also at times have to work outdoors in all types of weather – not a pleasant task at times.

An equine veterinarian musts have proper horse handling skills as equines require handling skills that differ from skills needed for other large animals like bovines. (cattle.)

There are approx. 9 million horses in the U.S., an increase of over a million from 2007, according to the AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners). Barring illness or traumatic injury, a horse can commonly live 20 years or more. A veterinarian treats horses from birth to death, and the vet must be knowledgeable about medication dosing, how to utilize and interpret results from equipment such as ultrasound and infrared technology – as well as stay up to date on new developments in their field of medicine. Additionally an equine vet also needs business and social skills, especially in interpersonal communication with clients etc.

Equine veterinarians provide for their patients many of the same services as medical doctors do for their patients. They diagnose, immunize and treat horses and large animals; offer advice on diet and exercise; encourage the owners to take proper care of their horses, etc. Veterinarians also may be called on to deliver foals, set broken bones or even perform surgery.

Many people, including ranchers and farmers rely on large animal vets to care for their equines, cattle and sometimes other livestock. Caring for large animals has a unique set of challenges, including requiring specialized knowledge, being able to work with extremely powerful and strong animals, and not to mention the fact that many vets find themselves performing their work in very nonclinical settings, such as stables.

Fry Equine Health – Mobile Equine Veterinarian offers his services to horse owners in the Lampasas County area. Services provided include:

With over 20 years of equine veterinary experience, you can rest assured that Dr. Fry will take phenomenal care of your horses.