Dr. Fry DVM

Comprehensive Onsite Facility Reviews & Nutrition Program Reviews

Dr. Fry can assess your equine’s nutrition program for you and make suggestions if required based on a number of factors. Some of these factors are:

  • The horse’s age, physiologic state, exercise level and other relevant factors relating to rations
  • Interpret feed tag information, then applying that info to the creation of a diet for a given horse
  • Assess available forage visually while understanding the value of the chemical makeup of same
  • Assess current diet or develop a new diet – based on forage the horse is getting currently
  • Identifying the special needs of different classes of equines such as broodmares and foals and performance horses

Additionally a comprehensive review of your onsite facilities which include items such as:

  • Water availability
  • Salt and mineral supplements
  • Forage availability
  • Feed storage and stalls
  • Pastures and corrals

Other services offered include: